Initial Phone Interview Questions

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How did your experience in that field prepare you for the posted job?

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Are you willing to agree to have a drug test, criminal background check, reference checks, educational background checks, and others as appropriate?

What size was the organization where you last worked in terms of revenue and employees?

What was the organization's primary market?

Did you have reporting staff? If the person had reporting staff, how many people reported to you directly?

Do you get along well with others? Do you have experience dealing with a variety of people?

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What is it about the ad that got you to apply?

How many years of experience do you have?

Tell me about your experience in your field

If the candidate is not currently working, why and when did you leave your most recent position?

How have you spent your time since you left your most recent position?

Would anything prevent you from travelling for the position?

When would be the earliest you could begin a new position?

What is your availability for an in-person interview?